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Investing In The Right Furniture For A Small Home

Investing In The Right Furniture For A Small Home

Choosing the right furniture pieces can be a tough challenge especially when you only have a small place to accommodate. Those have to fit comfortably without making the room feel cluttered and cramped. Enough space should be ensured for interruption-free movement and the pieces should not look out of place. Sounds like an ordeal? Well, we have got you covered!

It begins with the measurement tape

Proper utilization is pivotal when dealing with small spaces. Before you begin to plan for buying a piece, get that measurement tape and make sure to double-check the dimensions. There will be a plethora of options but your choice must be the ones that fulfill your requirement. Even a small difference could deem a piece fall out of place, or worse—completely block the walkways. So, get that measurement right before you dive in. You may have to draw a fine line and opt for custom-made pieces for certain places when necessary.

Simple and slender ones

Furniture that is slender and fit will best suit your small space. When choosing a sofa, for example, avoid the ones with fat and rolled arms. Choose the pieces that have skinny and tight arms instead. Having a multi-cushion back can take up more space, so look out for those. Choose dining tables with slender legs and beds with simple headboards. Always try to stick to the theme. Don’t be afraid to go armless as such chairs can easily be put under the dining table, leaving more space. 

The wall isn’t the limit

The challenge for a small home is to make ends meet. Hence, you may have to reach even the nooks and crannies of the available space. The enclosed walls can be as much as handy as they can be a limiting boundary. You can attach mountable furniture such as bookshelves and small stair-shelves to the wall. The television also gets mounted and a bench will have a sweet spot right under the window. Utilizing the walls will visually expand a room. For other moveable pieces, you may not decide to tuck them right against the wall. Leave some space for your furniture to breathe—not too close nor afar but somewhere in between. Pulling away from walls for having space to wander around your furniture can create an illusion of a large space, even if there is less space available. But if your room is really tiny, you may leave the idea. Remember—experiment helps!

All-purpose movables

You should invest in small and light pieces that can be moved at your convenience. Compact double-decker carts, for example, can be used for preparations in the kitchen and can also be moved into the living room to act as a bar cart holding snacks and appetizers when you have company. All-purpose furniture not only saves your space but also provides good value for money. One thing to keep in mind though is to avoid the mistake of picking a crowd of small pieces of furniture. They will cause more nuisance rather than being useful, giving your room a cluttered look. Instead, get only the ones you find handiest which will give the room a more spacious and organized look. 

Consistency in colors

One thing we often fail to maintain is consistency when choosing the right furniture. Variations in color may create inconsistency especially when the space is small. If you consider incorporating wooden furniture, be cautious because darker wood shades look heavy whereas the same piece of lighter ones can be visually less imposing. White, cream, or light grey painted wood or MDF cabinet furniture is also a space saver. Consider painting the shelves with the same color as the wall behind so that they blend right in and disappear.

Secondary storage options

We have the tendency to stash things here and there in small homes. So, it becomes essential we get furniture that has storage included. Choose tables that have the right amount of shelves, hidden compartments, or drawers. You can squeeze in a lot of things including luggage and suitcases underneath taller beds. Trunks make nice coffee tables for your living room too!

Convertibles to the rescue

Smart-fit furniture pieces that are convertible can be very helpful when you have to accommodate guests and you don’t have a separate guest room. Having an extra bed lying around for occasional stayovers may not be the wisest solution when you have a small space. Convertibles such as sofa cum beds can be a life-saver in such situations. Convertibles are costlier than conventional ones but are definitely worth the extra spending. A furniture piece that is multidimensional and adapts to your needs is the one you should go for.

Investing in the right furniture isn’t the easiest of decisions when you have a small home. You need to be very delicate in choosing the pieces and placing them. With prudent choices, you surely can live big even in a small place! 

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